The Haymaker Snacks Story

One holiday season, drawing on flavor experiences from six years living in Asia, foodie/founder Brad Wolken made a recipe for his friends and family which he discovered in Sichuan, China. Some of the recipients included the crew at Logboat Brewing in Columbia, Missouri who praised the flavors, to which Brad replied “I know! It goes great with Snapper” (their flagship IPA). Soon, the idea of pairing highly flavored snacks with great beer became an entrepreneurial endeavor. And so, here you are, reading about Haymaker Snacks… Welcome to the world of flavors that pack a wallop!

Our Haymaker team is working hard to bring you fun snacks that surprise and delight your senses. Keep in touch with us on Instagram or whichever social media outlet we use that best suits you. We look forward serving you with something new soon!


"Nice and spicy good for beer."

"John" - Customer at Fringe Beerworks

"Nice change from the normal pretzels and popcorn offered!"

"Jen" - Customer at Friendship Brewing Co.

"Loved the paring. Excellent quality and not overly spicy!"

"Jo" - Customer at Public House Brewing Co.

"Very good, just enough “kick” to keep it interesting."

"Josh" - Customer at 4 By 4 Brewing Co.

"Delicious. Nice robust flavor that doesn’t seem to have a super high sodium content like a lot of other seasoned peanuts and other traditional bar snacks."

"Sally" - Customer at Crane Brewing

"Great compliment to my dark beer tastes. keep it coming!!"

"Brian" - Customer at River Bluff Brewing


500 E. Walnut St. Suite 102

Columbia, MO, 65201